Jennifer L. Davidson
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Kody Burkoff, a small-town ghostwriter who specializes in the memoirs of everyday people, attempts to help a mourning father wavering between seeking revenge and granting forgiveness by creating a memoir filled with wonderful memories of his daughter, Julia, before her untimely death. Kody feels impelled to help every lost soul who enters her life, including her newly divorced high school sweetheart, and quickly regrets her decision when the beleaguered father confesses that he can’t control his compulsive behavior toward the young man whom he has deemed a murderer. Unable to ignore the inevitable, Kody acts to protect the innocent and preserve the future of Julia’s faltering family.
“Before today, I thought of him as a sweet man with a dreadfully sad story – a story that I would’ve been happy to have as my own.”

Unbeknownst to Kody Burkoff, a ghostwriter, and her latest love interest, Kevin, they are hot on the trail to finding out the truth about her client Daniel’s past; a truth that isn’t meant to be uncovered. In the beginning, Daniel’s recount of his past sounds like an extraordinary love story that anyone would envy. Their friendly conversations end, however, after an unpredicted encounter one cold winter afternoon, igniting Daniel’s suspicions that he’s finally been found. A twist of trails and one shocking event sends the trio spiraling, leaving one individual with a heavy heart and one begging for more answers. Entwined with shocking surprises, chance connections, and endearing conversations, Missing Maggie explores love in all of its forms, revenge at its worst, and truth in all its glory.
Missing Maggie
Kody Burkoff Series, #1
Justice for Julia
Kody Burkoff Series, #2

Crossing Carol
Kody Burkoff Series, #3
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mystery that has plagued their small town for decades. 
    Kody’s thirst for adventure comes to a staggering halt when Evelyn’s long-time friend, Sheldon, attempts to impede her progress. Sheldon’s actions, however, allow Kody to expose one buried secret and reveal evidence confirming that Evelyn and her mother are not the only ones with something to hide.
    When Evelyn Scott agrees to satisfy her family’s persistent requests to open up about her past, she does so hesitantly, and with good reason too, since her past is beleaguered by a haunting memory — the night she helped her mother bury a devastating secret of lust and betrayal. 
    Employing the services of ghostwriter Kody Burkoff, Evelyn attempts to tell all, but falters miserably along the way. While Evelyn battles the unraveling tethers of her childhood, Kody gathers the clues that have slipped from her client’s mouth to investigate her past, which will also aid her in solving a