Jennifer L. Davidson
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Monster Writing (Elementary - Grades 2-3)
Creative writing is all about expanding the imagination. This class is designed to help young authors transfer their vivid and colorful mental images into words on a page. After a brief interactive presentation, students will be asked to draw and color a one-of-a-kind monster and then write a descriptive story using the simple plot given to them. (1 hour)
Writing Classes
Writing is about sharing --- stories and experience. I've taught the following classes at elementary and middle schools, the public library, and a regional Young Authors, Young Artists Conference. Please contact me with questions or opportunities.
Mystery Writing (Elementary - Grades 4-6)
A bank has just been robbed! The thief escaped on foot and left behind a trail of money. The police chief has assigned you to the case

After a presentation centered around character development and conflict, students will create a unique detective (protagonist) and thief (antagonist) by answering questions about the characters' goals, qualities, and flaws. They will then write an action-packed story using the simple plot given to them. (1 hour)
The Writing Process (Middle - Grades 6-8)
Grab a prop AND your reader’s attention by beginning your story with plenty of action and movement. In this class, we will use props, along with a writing “recipe” for success, to create exciting opening scenes that will work for every fiction genre. After a quick presentation and demonstration, students will choose a prop and test the method for themselves. (1 hour)
A Prop-tastic Beginning (Elementary/Middle - Grades 3-8)
Think. Write. Edit. Polish. And repeat. 

Every author is unique, but we all follow a similar process. In this class, I show students my writing process from beginning to end, highlighting points that I've learned through experience and from other authors. If you are looking for emphasis on a particular writing element, I will gladly alter the presentation to cover that element in more depth. Please be sure to allow time for question and answers at the end. (1.5 hours)
Pulling it Together (Adult)
Do you have an idea for a great plot, but are lacking the perfect character to ride the roller coaster of conflict? Is your protagonist (or antagonist) waiting for the casting call of a lifetime? Have you heard a conversation between colleagues, family, or strangers that begs to be included in your manuscript? Are you looking for some advice on how to pull it all together? This writer’s workshop will do just that. You’ll hopefully leave with a clearer direction and some tools to keep you moving forward.